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Therapeutic ultrasound device with two operating frequencies and control the parameters of the treatment procedures, easy to use and carry.
Due to the proven therapeutic effects of the ultrasound - antiirritational, analgesic, desensibillating, fibrilitic and aspastic, the device “SONOMED” is applicable in:


Ultrasound can be imported drugs in the body (phonophoresis), which is amplified their pharmacological action.
Is contraindicated in:



Frequency of the ultrasound oscillation - 1 and 3 MHz
Acoustic power, adjustable - from 0,1 up to 2,0 W/см2
Effective surface of the transmitter - 1,5 and 5,0 см2
Regimen continuous and modulated
Modulation frequency - 50 and 100 Hz
Grade of protection against electric injury according to BDS 63/1-90.ІІ
Grade of protection against electric injury applied part type BF
Grade of internal protection according to BDS IEC 529 IPX0
Power supply 220 V/50 Hz


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