MEDIM - 300

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MEDIM-300 One Chanel




Multifunction device for therapy with low frequency currents with the opportunity to work with:


The build in programs, the optimized functions of the front panel switches and the viewing of the assigned regimens in the device “MEDIM-300” are very helpful to the therapist in the treatment of:



Intensity of the galvanic current - 0 - 60 mA
Intensity of the diadinamic currents - 0 - 60 mA
Intensity of the faradic current - 0 - 60 mA
Intensity of the neofaradic current - 0 - 60 mA
Current of Kotz - 0 - 60 mA

Impulse shape - rectangular, triangular and exponential
Impulse duration - 10ms up to 999ms
Pause duration - 1,2,3 и 5 of impulse duration
Modulation number per minute - 5,6,8,10,20 and 30 in pack

TENS impulses
Duration of the impulse - 50 us - 999 us
Modulating frequency - 1Hz до 500Hz
Shape of modulating signal - rectangular, exponential, triangular and sinusoidal
Measuring - rheobase , chronaxy and AQ, I/t curves



MEDIM-300 Two Chanel





ELECTROTHERAPY with over 1000 forms of low and medium frequency currents:

- Galvanic current - direct and indirect;
- Diadynamic currents;
- Impulse currents with adjustable parameters - rectangular, triangular and exponential shapes;
- TENS currents
- NMES currents;
- Interference currents - classic, isoplanar and vector;
- Frequency modulated sine wave modulated currents;
- Russian currents.

Embedded clinical protocols selected from DIAGNOSIS, SYMTHOOMS and BODY PARTS for disease therapy, procedure parameters, and placement of electrodes.
Choice of built-in programs and recording of user programs - one-phase and multi-phase.
Interactive user interface with database access to help information about the technical parameters of the signals, the indications and contra-indications of electrotherapy, the areas of treatment, etc.
7 "color touchscreen display.
Two independent channels - for two patients or two treatment areas.


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